Data Science (Books)

Bibliography Recommendation Data Science  Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro (Analytics, Data Mining, Data Science Expert, KDnuggets President) em More Free Data Mining, Data Science Books and Resources The list below based on the list compiled by Pedro Martins, but we added the book authors and year, sorted alphabetically by title, fixed spelling, and removed the links that did not work. An Introduction [...]


Data Science For Good – For All

Data Science For Good - For All (14/02/2016) Por Kirk Borne - Principal Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton

Doing #DataScience Right — Your Most Common Questions Answered:

Kirk Borne ‏@KirkDBorne  Doing #DataScience Right — Your Most Common Questions Answered: … #BigData HT @FastForwardLabs

What’s new in the machine intelligence landscape?

Kirk Borne ‏@KirkDBorne  What's new in the machine intelligence landscape? …#BigData#DataScience at @FastForwardLabs