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Azure: Active Directory Domain Services (Managed Domain)


Azure Active Directory (AD) Domain Services gives the ability to join computers on a domain without any need to manage or deploy a Domain Controller. The users can sign-in by using their existing corporate credentials.


In this service are available many features such as :

  • domain-join
    • Join computers in the managed domain with simple steps.
  • domains with custom names
    • We can create domains with custom names, also unverified domain names supported.
  • NTLM & Kerberos authentication
    • This gives the ability to deploy applications that rely on Windows-integrated Authentication.
  • Corporate credentials/passwords
    • Users can log-in using their corporate credentials.
  • Integrated with Azure AD
    • User groups, accounts of an existing on-premises domain can easily and automated syncronize to managed domain service.
  • LDAP bind & LDAP read support
    • Applications with LDAP support will working fine.
  • Secure LDAP
    • This is an optional feature and can be enabled from the Azure Portal.
  • Group Policy
    • Built-in GPO for the user and Computers containers.
  • Manage DNS
    • DNS management is only available for the “AAD DC Administrators” group.
  • Custom OUs
    • Organizational Units (OUs) can be created from the users that belong to “AAD DC Administrators” group
  • Available in many regions
  • Highly Available
    • The service offers high availability for the domain
  • AD account lockout protection
    • If five invalid password is used within two minutes, account locked out for 30 minutes and unlocks automatically after a period time of 30 minutes.
  • Known management tools
    • Users can use known tools for domain management, such as Active Directory Administrative Center or Active Directory PowerShell to administer managed domains.
  • Simple deployment
    • This service can be easily enabled. In this post, we talk for how can someone deploy this.



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